E.M.S. Policy

We are IOS9001/14001 certification factories.

Kawaguchi Head Office and Plant

  • Acquired Technology Information Control System (TICS) at Kawaguchi Metallic Pattern Division.

Component Manufacturing Plant

Fukushima Nihonmatsu Plant

  • Acquired IATF16949 certification at Fukushima Nihonmatsu Impeller Plant.

Basic Principals

Taguchi Pattern Works has two main plants: one is located in Kawaguchi city in the suburbs of Tokyo, -capital of Japan , and the other is in Nihonmatsu city, Fukushima prefecture, where is surrounded by beautiful nature such as Mt.Adatara and the Abukuma River. We have been working to make full use of our long-year experienced techniques and skills and latest equipment for more than 70 years. Basically on the starting point of the craftsmanship, our basic policy is to promote our business and to keep our environment comfortable.

Basic Policy

Based on the fact that we produce wooden/metallic pattern and core box for casting, prototype parts, and many kinds of blades made by five-axis CNC machines, we carry out the environmental activities listed below.

  1. We asses what our business, products and services give to our environment. On some important items, technically and economically within the realm of possibility, each department in our company sets the aims and targets of environmental activities. We intend to improve the environmental pollution, through our continual efforts of environmental perform mental management system.
  2. We comply with the requirements of environmental laws and regulations, and the relevant agreements which we have accepted.
  3. Through all stages of our business activities, we intend to improve the effective use of energy, suppress the generation of waste , and introduce equipment and facilities properly and effectively. In order to reduce impacts to the environment, we review the following items annually.
    (1) We promote to reduce and recycle waste generated from our factories.
    (2) We try to make effective use of the resource.
  4. We prevent environmental pollution due to the oil leakage in an emergency and an accident.
    (1) Prevention and improvement of the local environmental pollution through the equipment maintenance check.
  5. We give our employees environmental education and help them practice it.
  6. We announce our environmental policy not only to our employees but also to the public.

Enacted in 2016/10/1
Taguchi Pattern Works Co., Ltd
Representative Director, TAGUCHI, Jun